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Otto Prokhorov
Otto Prokhorov

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Noble Cane continues to offer clever and creative collections for its loyal clients, inspired by genuine brands. Our online store provides you a variety of products wholly authentic as Hampden Estate, all of them elaborated with high-quality fabrics and materials.

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Noble Cane is excited to announce the arrival of two new brands Bounty Rum and Chairman's Reserve Rum to our repertoire of online stores. From now on, fans of these brands will be able to find different accessories and clothing collections.

NobleCane is pleased to announce the addition of two new brands Rhum Clement and Rhum J.M to our online store repertoire. Aficionados of these brands will be able to find different accessories and clothing collections.

In our online store, you can buy premium hoodies for men, women's cropped hoodies with Rhum J.M logos as well as a premium sweatshirt for men and women. Different types of t-shirt for both sexes. among the accessories, you will find items like a beanie sweater, tote bag, bucket hat, baseball cap, canvas backpack, carry-all pouch among others.

For Federico Hernandez, founder of NobleCane, adding Rhum Clément and Rhum J.M to the online store means allowing fans to buy fresh, youthful, and fun items designed to showcase each brand uniqueness.

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