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Esam Stockton

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Copy the license from a local server. Create a text file with the license and copy it to a server accessible from the switch. On the switch, use the following command to transfer the file directly on the switch, then install the license file:

File: ...

While tab completion is enabled by default, you can also configure NCLU to use the ? (question mark character) to look at available commands. To enable this feature for the cumulus user, open the following file:

Linux uses the sudo command to allow non-administrator users (such as the default cumulus user account) to perform privileged operations. To control the users authorized to use sudo, the /etc/sudoers file and files located in the /etc/sudoers.d/ directory define a series of rules. Typically, the rules are based on groups, but can also be defined for specific users. You can add sudo rules using the group names from LDAP. For example, if a group of users are associated with the group netadmin, you can add a rule to give those users sudo privileges. Refer to the sudoers manual (man sudoers) for a complete usage description. The following shows an example in the /etc/sudoers file:

After installing TACACS+, edit the /etc/tacplus_servers file to add at least one server and one shared secret (key). You can specify the server and secret parameters in any order anywhere in the file. Whitespace (spaces or tabs) are not allowed. For example, if your TACACS+ server IP address is and your shared secret is tacacskey, add these parameters to the /etc/tacplus_servers file:

For example, to rate limit the incoming traffic on swp1 to 400 packets per second with a burst of 100 packets per second and set the class of the queue for the policed traffic as 0, set this rule in your appropriate .rules file:

Due to hardware limitations in the Spectrum ASIC, BFD policers are shared between all BFD-related control plane rules. Specifically the following default rules share the same policer in the 00control_plan.rules file: 041b061a72


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