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Interlignes Cm2 Fichier Ressources Pdf Download

Interlignes Cm2 Fichier Ressources Pdf Download

Interlignes is a French language teaching method for elementary school students. It consists of a series of textbooks, workbooks, and resources files that cover grammar, conjugation, spelling, and vocabulary. The method is designed to help students develop their reading comprehension, oral expression, and writing skills in French.

In this article, we will focus on the Interlignes CM2 level, which corresponds to the fifth grade in the French education system. We will explain what the Interlignes CM2 Fichier Ressources is, what it contains, and how to download it in PDF format.


What is the Interlignes CM2 Fichier Ressources?

The Interlignes CM2 Fichier Ressources is a supplementary file that accompanies the Interlignes CM2 textbook and workbook. It provides the teacher with additional materials and guidance for implementing the Interlignes method in the classroom. The file contains 256 pages and covers the following topics:

  • Didactic and pedagogical objectives for each chapter, aligned with the French curriculum standards

  • Answers to the exercises in the textbook and workbook

  • Extensions and enrichment activities, such as writing prompts, reading suggestions, and games

  • Intermediate and final assessments for each topic

  • Photocopiable worksheets and cards for manipulation and practice

The Interlignes CM2 Fichier Ressources is a valuable tool for teachers who want to use the Interlignes method effectively and adapt it to the needs and levels of their students. It also helps teachers to build a culture of reading and writing in their classrooms, using various texts and supports.

How to download the Interlignes CM2 Fichier Ressources in PDF format?

The Interlignes CM2 Fichier Ressources is not available for free download online. It is a copyrighted product of the Éditions Sed, a French publisher specialized in educational materials. To obtain the file in PDF format, you need to purchase it from the publisher's website or from a bookshop.

The price of the file is 79 euros (about 93 US dollars). You can order it online from the Éditions Sed website or from other online platforms such as Amazon or Fnac. You can also find it in physical bookshops that sell educational books.

Once you have purchased the file, you will receive a link to download it in PDF format. You can then save it on your computer or print it as you wish. You can also access it from any device that supports PDF files, such as tablets or smartphones.


The Interlignes CM2 Fichier Ressources is a useful resource for teachers who use the Interlignes method to teach French to fifth graders. It provides them with additional materials, answers, assessments, and activities to enhance their teaching and learning experience. The file can be purchased online or in bookshops and downloaded in PDF format.

If you are interested in learning more about the Interlignes method and its other levels, you can visit the Éditions Sed website or read some blog posts by teachers who use it. You can also find some slideshows that present the method and its features.


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