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Lnb Quattro Vs Quad

They can be used for that purpose, but also for home use. As soon as you have four (indepedent...) tuners (in whatever amount of receivers, that is irrelevant) or more, it can be interesting to use a multiswitch-system (with quattro lnb's). With quad lnb's you'll never be able to connect more than four tuners, whilst using a multiswitch, you can connect whatever amount of tuners you'd like, it only depends on the switch. This already may be interesting starting from four tuners. I actually do have this setup and it doesn't have to be more expensive than quad lnb's. The multiswitch costs extra, but the lnb's themselves are much cheaper.

Lnb Quattro Vs Quad

Multiswitches are good if you want up to 4 satellites to 5 or more tuners. I have 13 quad LNBs on a T90 and one quad LNB on dish with actuator motor + polar mount, and four EMP Centauri 16:1 switch. If I wanted 14 LNBs with multiswitch for let's say 8 tuners, I would need 4 multiswitches and 8 spaun diseqc 1.1 switches. The cost would be very high.

The quad LNB provides four outputs, each capable of providing each of the four frequency bands and polarizations. The LNB outputs are switched by the satellite receiver, as explained above, with a 22Hz tone and a switching voltage. This is like a universal LNB with four outputs.In a simple residential satellite TV installation it is normal to install a quad LNB. In a Sky installation, often two of the outputs from a quad LNB will be used to feed a Sky+ receiver (it has two feeds so you can record while watching live TV), with either the other two feeding a second Sky+ receiver or just a single output feeding a regular Sky box.A quad LNB is ideal where a maximum of four satellite feeds is required and there is not much possibility of expansion. Quad LNB is also ideal for TBS 6894 satellite quad tuner card building.Quattro LNB

Although a quattro LNB typically looks similar to a quad LNB, it cannot (sensibly) be connected to receivers directly. Note again the difference between a quad and a quattro LNB: A quad LNB can drive four tuners directly, with each output providing signals from the entire Ku band. A quattro LNB is for connection to a multiswitch in a shared dish distribution system and each output provides only a quarter of the Ku band signals.

A special type of LNB (not to be confused with Quad LNB) intended for use in a shared dish installation to deliver signals to any number of tuners. A quattro LNB has a single feedhorn and four outputs, which each supply just one of the Ku sub-bands (low band/horizontal polarization, high band/vertical polarization, low/vertical and high/horizontal) to a multiswitch or an array of multiswitches, which then delivers to each connected tuner whichever sub-band is required by that tuner.[8]

Wideband LNB signals can be accepted by new wideband tuners, and by new SCR systems (e.g., Inverto/Fuba,[10] Unitron,[11] Optel,[12] GT-Sat/Astro), with or without optical transmission. Wideband signals can be converted to conventional quattro signals[13] and vice versa.[14]

DescriptionLNB for offset parabolic antennas. The range consists of universal single, twin and quad LNBs for individual installations; and universal quattro LNBs for collective installations.CharacteristicsCharacterised by its high stability in frequency and high gain. The very low noise level provides quality reception in areas of weak signal.

Un LNB quad se comporta como cuatro LNB independientes. Se pueden conectar hasta cuatro receptores satélite y cada uno de ellos puede recibir la banda (alta o baja) y polaridad (horizontal o vertical) que desee, independientemente del resto. Equivale a tener cuatro antenas parabólicas individuales con sus cuatro LNB single.

We stock a wide range of Satellite LNB's . We have Sky single twin, quad and Octo LNB's, we also stock Universal Single, Twin, Quad and Octo LNB's which are designed for the Technomate, Inverto, Cahors and Triax satellite dishes.


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