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Carbrain C168 Setup Crack Download

How to Download and Install Carbrain C168 Scanner Software

Carbrain C168 is a professional diagnostic tool for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. It can read and clear fault codes, display live data, perform actuation tests, and program ECU. It supports OBDII, EOBD, and CAN protocols, and covers most of the vehicle models in the world.


If you want to use Carbrain C168 scanner, you need to download and install its software on your computer. Here are the steps to do that:

  • Download the setup crack file from a reliable website or forum. For example, you can download it from [this link] or [this link].

  • Extract the setup crack file using a software like WinRAR or 7-Zip. You will get a folder named "carbrain" that contains the software and the crack files.

  • Run the "setup.exe" file in the folder and follow the instructions to install the software. You may need to restart your computer after the installation.

  • Copy the "carbrain.exe" file and the "carbrain.dat" file from the crack folder and paste them into the installation directory of the software. Usually, it is "C:\Program Files\CarBrain". This will replace the original files with the cracked ones.

  • Run the "carbrain.exe" file from the installation directory. You will see a window that shows your ID code, serial number, and model number. You need to activate your software with these information.

  • Send your ID code, serial number, and model number to the website or forum where you downloaded the setup crack file. They will send you back a newer ID code, SN, and model number.

  • Enter the newer ID code, SN, and model number into the activation window and click "OK". Your software is now activated and ready to use.

You can now connect your Carbrain C168 scanner to your computer via USB or Bluetooth and start diagnosing your vehicles. You can also update your software by email if there are new versions available.

If you have any questions or problems with using Carbrain C168 scanner software, you can check [this video] for more guidance or contact the customer service of the website or forum where you downloaded the setup crack file.


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