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Movie Explorer Pro 2.0.2

It is defined as the number of times in a second a monitor refreshes the image it displays. The higher the number, the more often the monitor refreshes the display. It is most relevant when viewing fast-changing content, such as a movie. Most computer LCD monitors have a standard 60 hertz refresh rate while some high-end monitors are marketed as having 120 hertz.

Movie Explorer Pro 2.0.2

This App does everything it says it will do, and it does it well. The movies are layed out beautifully and it pulls all the correct information about 95% of the time including HD artwork (and it's pretty painless to fix the few mistakes). I also like that you can get info on each movie and search for additional movies in your collection with the same actors/actresses/etc. Also, you can choose different artwork for the movie if you want. What would push me towards buying the Pro version is the abilty to sort my movies by a name of my choosing (kind of like Plex does). Right now movies like the Planet of The Apes Trilogy and Star Wars and Jurrasic Park/World are spread throughout the app. I want the ability to be able to have a 'sort name' or something to that effect that would let me just label them Star Wars 1, 2, 3 etc. so they'd be layed out next to each other and in order while still actually displaying the official movie names on the app browser itself.

I've been using Movie Explorer for about two years now. I love it so much that I'm writing a review and I never write reviews for apps. I have over 5000 movies and 2000 TV episodes saved to hard drives. Movie Explorer catalogs them extremely well. The only negative is that it is very difficult (and sometimes impossible) to catalog anything not listed in the OMDB. But that flaw is really a flaw of OMDB and Movie Explorer's relianceon OMDB for metadata.


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