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Jurga Ivanauskaite Ragana Ir Lietus Pdf 13

Jurga Ivanauskaitė: Ragana ir lietus

Jurga Ivanauskaitė (1961-2007) was a Lithuanian writer, poet, and translator. She is best known for her novels that explore the themes of spirituality, sexuality, and identity in the context of post-Soviet Lithuania. One of her most controversial and acclaimed works is Ragana ir lietus (The Witch and the Rain), published in 1993.

Ragana ir lietus is a novel about the body and the soul, love and sin, and the painful passion of a young woman for a priest who retreats to a monastery. The novel is set in the early 1990s, when Lithuania was undergoing major historical changes after regaining its independence from the Soviet Union. The protagonist, Rasa, is a rebellious and restless artist who falls in love with Andrius, a charismatic and mysterious priest. Their relationship is marked by intense attraction and repulsion, as they struggle with their conflicting desires and beliefs. Rasa is also haunted by visions of a witch who represents her dark side and her connection to the pagan past of Lithuania.

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The novel provoked a heated debate in Lithuania, as it challenged the traditional views on religion, morality, and sexuality. Some critics praised the novel for its originality, psychological depth, and poetic language, while others condemned it for its blasphemy, obscenity, and nihilism. The novel also attracted the attention of foreign readers and was translated into several languages, including German (three editions), Latvian, Estonian, Polish, and Russian.

Ragana ir lietus is a powerful and provocative novel that explores the human condition in a time of transition and turmoil. It is a novel that questions the boundaries between good and evil, faith and doubt, love and lust. It is a novel that reveals the complex and contradictory nature of Jurga Ivanauskaitė's literary vision.


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