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How To Remove Pre-installed Apps From Nokia Asha 5xx

Two of the apps are progressive web apps (not native Android apps, but more like shortcuts to webpages), while the third app is a native Android app. The apps were placed on the second screen so users have to swipe to notice them. All three apps can be removed.

How to Remove pre-installed Apps from Nokia Asha 5xx

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A slight twist here is that in some markets, the Asha 210 will actually have a dedicated Facebook button instead (as we saw with the Asha 205). We've asked for confirmation on which markets will have which, but we understand that broadly speaking the EU and USA will likely come with blue stripes, while the others should get green. We also asked if this button might be configurable, but it appears not. Whichever social network flag you fly, it still won't take you very long to get there, as the Series 40 software it runs on has been set up to put them all front and center on the homescreen anyway, with WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter coming pre-installed. While we're on software, as before there's a "premium" download pack of 15 apps and games on offer after purchase, full details of titles to follow.

As the camera has improved drastically from 3MP to 5MP and addition of flash, there are new apps which are introduced like Picfeed, Pictag and Photofunia. All these arrangements make sure that sharing pictures is fun on Asha.

hello sir confused in between nokia asha 502 vs samaung galaxy sduos 2, im not a heavy browser,not interested in games.just want dual sim,browser.torch.good battery back up.3g pls suggest me right handset

Volla Phone, for example, offers you a Google-free Android experience and a minimalistic design. It is based on a free Android without Google Apps and Play services and without depending on a cloud. It replaces basic apps like phone calls and address books with curated apps that are also open source, as well as protecting the system with a pre-installed (optional) log-free VPN. With its minimalistic design, Volla OS allows you to easily navigate through your phone. After unlocking, just start writing and Volla Phone will recognize what you want to do. Simple as that.

[Q] Sir my nokia305 mobile can't think password is lost i want to reset it how to reset it ??[A] Hi, if you can not use default lock code 12345, then you have to bring your Nokia Asha 305 to Nokia authorized service center. [Q] Sir, i put password on my memory card and unfortunately forgot it , i cant even forgot my phone as it asks for the password which i forgot.. model -- nokia asha 305[A] Hi, unfortunately if you can not unlock using default security code 12345, then you need to bring your Nokia Asha 305 to Nokia authorize service center. The information from this page describe about nokia asha 305 hard reset,How to format nokia asha 305,nokia 305 hard reset,nokia asha 305 reset code,hard reset nokia asha 311,nokia asha 305 restore code,nokia asha 311 hard reset,nokia asha 305 format code,How to hard reset nokia asha 305,nokia asha 305 factory reset code. If you need another resource for hard reset, use search function at this homepage or find from our related posts.

i have set nokia asha 306 i want to restore my fone which requires the security code, the default one is 12345 which is not working, i also tried *#7370# methode but this one also requires security code then the same problem happensnow what should i do for the hard reset

In my nokia asha 305 there is one problem, when i installed one application then after completion of my installation my phone is going to be switched off, if again i am starting my phone then after logo of nokia it is again switched off, so tell me how can i start my phone again or tell me any other way,,, i will be wait for your good response because now i am out of pakistan and i cant find any mobile repairing shop. thanks

Hi, basically all installed applications will be removed from you phone after finish doing hard reset to factory default. Therefore you have to reinstall it again. About your Internet which does not work, you should make sure the APN setting are correct, you can consult with you Network provider for the right APN setting parameters.

Hi.. In my Nokia asha 305..i downloaded software, sm apps got deleted.. Nw software s nt downloading, its showin no new softwareupdate available..& some apps etc nd calculator hv got deleted.. And Nokia account I created and deleted..nw again i wanna create a Nokia account bt its showing operation failed! And othr prob s hike s not supportin! Its showin something went wrong! Y?. To solve al tis probs wt shld I do? Plzzz teme plzzzzzzzzzz help me? ;-( ?

i am d biggest fool dat i bought nokia asha 305.its completely useless.. i m sick n tired of it. my phone is totally empty n still msg flashes no memory in ur phone. wtf yaar my whatsapp isnt working..

There were even efforts to tackle the apps and ecosystem question. After Nokia's launch of its own, rather than a Symbian, app store provoked "much heated discussion and conflict", the Foundation started work on an uber-store with APIs that third-parties could use to fashion their own stores from. For example, developers with five apps could make a mini-store just containing those apps. Better yet, they could sell them through the Foundation's channel without the organisation taking a cut.

Around 15 million Series 40 apps are downloaded a day, according to Nokia, and 42 percent of the last billion apps downloaded from the Nokia Store were for Series 40; a figure likely to rise considering the steep drop in Symbian shipments).

Also, you need to make sure that the device you are working with is selected in the target dropdown at the top of the window. Often, if you get this error, Android Studio will automatically remove your device from the target list and switch it to a different device. You might have to unplug and plug back in your USB cable to get it to appear again. Then select it, and open the Logcat tab at the bottom. The messages from the previous session will be saved and you can look through them.

An enterprise IT administrator with authority to enroll devices on behalf of their business registers for a KME accountfrom the Samsung Knox portal. As soon as Samsung validates the KME account, the IT administrator can review employee enrollmentstatus to ensure each submitted device is assigned to its correct enterprise end user resource and configuration profile. Submitted devices can be edited or removed from the enrollment portal at any time by the IT administrator. The IT administrator can optionally submit additional devices with the creation and upload of a CSV file containing the device IMEI, MEID or serial number, username and password, and additional MDM permitted data. Once users activate and connect a device to a stable Wi-Fi, they can submit the device for enrollment. If a stable Wi-Fi connection is problematic, an alternative enrollment resource is available to the IT administrator at Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollment ( ).

Apps and GamesThere are several apps and games that comes pre-installed with the phone. There are default utility apps such as Alarm Clock, Calculator, Voice Recorder. Nokia Life Tools offers information messages on several topics.

iOS 7.0.3 brings back the ability to search Google and Wikipedia from Spotlight. The feature had been removed from the first release of iOS 7, but it's now back in the new Spotlight, which is always available in any Home screen page just by swiping down. 350c69d7ab


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