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The Brand New Heavies - Turn The Music Up!

The album marked the first commercial release of "What Do You Take Me For", the band's lone track featuring former flagship lead vocalist N'Dea Davenport.[9] The track would be later re-recorded in a more modern configuration with Nicole Russo on lead for the Allabouthefunk album.[10] The sound and musical arrangement heard on these first releases of "Music", "Love Is...", and the title track "We Won't Stop" were re-recorded with new leads on N'Dea Davenport's 2006 return to the band for the comeback album Get Used to It.[11]

The Brand New Heavies - Turn the Music Up!

N'Dea Davenport, self-titled solo album: "I initially had a solo deal before I met the Brand New Heavies through Delicious Vinyl. But after I made my first departure from the band, it was rewarding to get back to my solo work. At that time, the producers were literally the artists and weren't allowing artists to express themselves. But with all the production and writing work I had done with the Brand New Heavies, I didn't want to turn everything over to some producer and not actually keep developing my own production skills. With the solo project, I had the freedom to be the executive producer, find all my musicians, book the studios, write the music, even be the accountant; I controlled every dynamic."

I arrived in time to enjoy the soundcheck before the interview and was welcomed by Richard, the tour manager, and Evangelos, the Senior Events Office of Newham, who both did their best to make me feel at home (thank you guys). The atmosphere in the backstage was quite electrifying, the band and the musicians making jokes and looking relaxed. It goes without saying this is what those people have been doing for years, music and live shows are the air they breathe.After greeting briefly Jan Kincaid (he was busy with the setlist) and Dawn Joseph, I had the chance to sit down for an enlightening chat with legendary Simon Bartholomew, who turned out to be an incredibly funny person with interesting insights (read the full interview here). 041b061a72


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