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Dsdt Editor For Mac [NEW]

The main editor windows allows the user to open a DSL file or extract the DSDT from IOReg. It has some useful resources, like syntax highlighting, navigation tree and some options that came with the text editor component it uses, like regex matching, auto completion, jump to pair, etc.

Dsdt Editor For Mac

Hey valv, that link is just for the editor component I used in the project, you don't really need to get it as it is packed with the rest of the application. Oldnapalm posted the link just to give the proper credits. =D

Yep it is really easy to use if you have the patches already coded. In the zip there is a folder with some working examples (ASUS P5 Patches), if all are applied to a original extracted dsdt it will fix a bunch of issues. It could be applied from a single file containing all patches, making even more simple to the user. The patches inside the pack were tested for P5E, P5E Deluxe, P5K Premium and Maximus Formula.

Yes I think it will work. It won't extract DSDT from IOReg or open an AML file instead of the DSL (it decompiles it if you select an AML file). The editor component support the Control + Something shortcuts by default, I just added the Meta (Command) + Something, so no problem with them. But try it, if it doesn't work I can check and build a version without the OS specific resources, so you can run it on Linux or Windows.

Edit: oldnapalm tested it on windows and worked. The simplest way is to create a ./lib with all jars but DSDTParser.jar and leave DSDTParser in ./ so you can run java -jar DSDTParser.jar (or double-click on the explorer) without any -cp parameters. I am going to check to make the dsdt extract work in linux and append iasl binaries for linux and windows, so most functions would work on all 3 OS.

There is a DSDT editor and patcher that can be run in Windows rite... So I ran it in Windows, extract DSDT, I get dsdt.aml and dsdt.dsl... My question is can this dsdt.aml and dsdt.dsl be used in the OSX that I've installed? I mean it will reflect the same setting whether it is in Windows or in OSX rite...

If you extract DSDT in Windows and copy it to Mac OS without patching, it will make no difference. Windows uses DSDT from BIOS, untouched. It would be the same as leaving Mac OS (Chameleon) without a dsdt.aml file, it will get the original from BIOS.

Ooo... I see ... So dsdt.aml is mainly needed by Chameleon and to act as it is a BIOS itself... Am I rite? How about Chimera? Is it the same if I use Chimera instead of Chameleon? Or is it the same bootloader thingy? Ehehehehe...

Another thing I want to ask... What kind of patching do you usually do to the dsdt.aml? What sort of data that you add/patch to dsdt.aml? Sorry for asking this question as I have no clue about dsdt.aml and most of the thing that I must have to run OSX on my HP Envy 17 (with all hardware functioning as in Windows )

I've gone through the link you've given... But from what I've seen, the lists seem have nothing to do with my hardware... Could you recommend me which patch/patches I should apply to my dsdt? (or don't need to... Ehehehe)

Sorry for my bad english, i'm from Romania and i've used your DSDT editor and patcher to generate the dsdt for my machine and ad a patch for my video chipset 4500MHD, witch i found here: -intel_gma_4500mhd__quartz_extreme.html but i get the a KP on load. I have loaded a picture with the KP, can you help me please and try to fix my dsdt??

The kext can be found here: -intelgma_4500mhd_quartz_extreme.html. The ideea is to force load the kext with the help pf the dsdt. But I can't do that because i get the KP I have attached. Can you help please and corect the dsdt?

Thank you for your response, unfortunately even if I only aply the DTGP patch, and after that i compile, i get the same KP. At the moment i'm more interested in making the dsdt work. I've atached the dsdt.aml. Can you please take a look??

Sorry about that, i've attached the wrong dsdt. I have corected the 4500 patch but the dsdt still doesn't load the kext, can you please explain why or can you edit for me the patch in loading the kext from dsdt???Thank's!

Now i found a patch of vpcea16fg.i didn't find find patch for my bios DSDT which i exracted with DSDT editor. so the spec of the vpcea16fg are closely matches to my system even os except the cpu i have i& the display. i tried this patch on my DSDT & go to the installation process still there was no luck. then i tried this vpcea16fg patch to the working DSDT of vpceb34en & still no luck with this time also.

I tried the two editors DSDTSE & the DSDTeditior & patch the DSDT.dsl i'm getting error like "error object not found " with no name of the error. i'm attaching the extraced with all the dwnd files plz help......

DSDT Editor 0.8 for Mac can be downloaded from our website for free. This free software for Mac OS X is a product of dsdtparser. is the default file name to indicate the DSDT Editor installer. DSDT Editor for Mac belongs to Developer Tools. The following versions: 0.8 and 0.6 are the most frequently downloaded ones by the program users. The unique ID for this program's bundle is dsdtparser.DSDTParserApp.

The main editor windows allows the user to open a DSL file or extract the DSDT from IOReg. It has some useful resources, like syntax highlighting, navigation tree and some options that came with the text editor component it uses, like regex matching, auto completion, jump to pair, etc.The patcher window parses a script-like language representing the patches. The user can preview the modifications before applying them.

Use open DSDT Editor For Mac acpi_dsdt.aml, press F5 to compile, click Fix Errors, can't have Errors, Warning and Remarks can be temporarily ignored. No Error, save as DSDT.aml, use the same method to create SSDT.


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