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The Orphan Killer 2011 720p BluRay X264 LiViDiTY PublicHD: A Bloody Revenge Story of Two Siblings

The Orphan Killer: A Brutal Slasher Film That Challenges The Genre

The Orphan Killer is a 2011 independent horror film written and directed by Matt Farnsworth, who also stars in the film along with Diane Foster and David Backus. The film follows the twisted relationship between two siblings who witnessed their parents' murder as children and were separated by the foster system. Years later, the brother, who has become a masked serial killer, returns to his sister's life to teach her a bloody lesson about family loyalty.

The film was produced by Farnsworth and Full Fathom 5, and was distributed through Facebook and Vimeo. The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, but also won some awards at horror film festivals. Farnsworth has stated that he has plans for sequels and a web series based on the film.

The Orphan Killer 2011 720p BluRay X264 LiViDiTY PublicHD

The Orphan Killer is a film that defies classification and goes beyond current trends in gore. It is a violent and disturbing film that challenges the conventions of the slasher genre and explores the themes of trauma, abuse, revenge, and identity. The film features a new slasher icon in Marcus Miller, aka The Orphan Killer, who wears a metal mask and wields a variety of weapons. The film also showcases some impressive practical effects and makeup, as well as a soundtrack by Bullet Tooth.

If you are looking for a brutal and uncompromising horror film that will shock you and make you think, then you should check out The Orphan Killer. It is available on 720p BluRay X264 LiViDiTY PublicHD, which offers high-quality video and audio for your viewing pleasure. Be warned, though, this film is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. It is a film that will haunt you long after it ends.

The Orphan Killer is not a typical slasher film that relies on clichÃs and jump scares. It is a film that delves into the psychology and history of its characters, and shows the consequences of their actions. The film does not shy away from showing the brutality and realism of the killings, but also does not glorify or justify them. The film poses some moral questions to the audience, such as how far would you go to protect your family, and what makes someone a monster or a victim.

The film also features some strong performances from its cast, especially from Diane Foster and David Backus, who play the siblings Audrey and Marcus. Foster portrays Audrey as a strong and independent woman who has overcome her past and built a successful career as a teacher. However, she also shows her vulnerability and fear when she faces her brother's wrath. Backus plays Marcus as a menacing and relentless killer who has been twisted by his childhood trauma and his religious upbringing. He also shows some glimpses of humanity and emotion behind his mask, which makes him more complex and intriguing.

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The Orphan Killer is a film that will appeal to fans of horror and slasher films, as well as to those who appreciate independent and original filmmaking. It is a film that will challenge you and make you feel uncomfortable, but also entertain you and make you curious. It is a film that deserves more attention and recognition, as it is one of the most daring and innovative horror films of the 21st century.


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